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August 2022 Gold Coast Open

Held on Sunday 28th August at the in Runaway Bay Sporting Complex.

Overall Ranking #1 (780 points)

Female Ranking #1 (123 points)

Male Ranking #1 (342 points)

Kids & Juvenile Ranking #5 (315 points)

The Gold Coast Open last Sunday was one of our most successful competitions to date!!! An incredible result for our academy members for both Kids and Adults! Our whole Galeb Brothers Team, across the academies, took home number #1 in three categories! Overall, Male and Female! and #5 for Kids & Juvenile!

This result goes to reward the hard work and consistent effort our members put in every week. This is not only for our competing members but also everyone at the academy who put in the work rolling and sparring to help get their team members ready for competitions.

Fabio Galeb - Gold in Black Belt, Gi Master I Ultra Heavy, Gold in Open Weight

Dave Kerestesi - Gold in White Belt, Gi Masters I. Bronze in Gi Open Weight

Hudson Cain - Gold in White Belt, Gi Juvenile division

Moses Chikazaza - Silver in Blue Belt, Gi Medium division

Luke Irino - Silver in Blue Belt, No Gi Super Heavy division

Dylan Hadfield - Bronze in Blue Belt, Gi Medium Heavy division


Will Doerr - Gold in Pee Wee division

Lewis Boulos - Gold in No Gi Mighty Might III

Kai Akimoto - Gold in Mighty Mite division

Max Harrison - Silver in Pee Wee division, 5th in No Gi Pee Wee III division

Sonny Harrison - Gold in Pee Wee division, Gold in No Gi Pee Wee I division

Edward Jimenez - Silver in Pee Wee division

Makeda Valoa Hohepa - Gold in Junior II division

Clyde Lodding - First friendly match in Competition scene!

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