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October Womens Only Open Mats

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

On Saturday 8th October, the Gold Coast Academy hosted the third and final Womens Only Open Mats of 2022.

Instructed by Coach Belle and assisted by Coach Rhi

It was a great morning for Galeb Sisters across the academies to come together, giving them the opportunity to roll with new styles and teammates they don't often get to train with.

Professor Fabio was kind enough to put on a BBQ for the women to enjoy after the open mats! Nice to have a relaxed time to cool down after the session and to get to know some of the new members and catch up with friends.

Now the year is coming to an end we can appreciate the growth of our Galeb Sisters group! It's always great to see more and more women and young girls getting into BJJ. Giving them an opportunity to build confidence, health, and fitness while being supported in a friendly and fun atmosphere. We are so thankful to Coach Belle for making the idea come to life and to Professor Fabio for backing it all the way!

We can't wait for the next Womens Open mats in 2023!

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