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QLD Open Round Robin Competition


This year it was hosted at The Southport School. On the Sunday comp we had Ella Castell and Jaxon Brown representing the Gold Coast Academy.

Both Jaxon and Ella were so thankful Professor Renan was there to help coach them through some of their fights! It was a huge boost to both of them hearing his directions from the sidelines. All the competitors of the day came to have a good time and friendly scraps. The parents and kids were all shaking hands and talking after making it a great competition day!

JAXON BROWN won GOLD in both categories

-BOYS GI / WHITE / 10-11 YRS / -33KG

-BOYS NO GI / WHITE / 10-11YRS / -35KG

Jaxon dominated his division. won both by submission. good display of takedowns.

Jaxon was "pretty stoked" about how the weekend went. His No Gi was a a rocky story fight. He won the first round, then lost the second from an accidental shirt grab. Making him nervous and very tired as it was his 5th match of the day and they were 1-1 in the last fight. He fought on and was determined to take the match, they went the whole round back and forth and were dead even on the score cards until Jax got a take down in the last 10 second! talk about a nail biter! Winning him the Gold!

In his No Gi tournament he blitzed. He finished both fights with submissions and got the Gold!

Jax is already looking forward to the next tournament where he can compete with more of his teammates.



Ella got Silver in her first competition since having close to a year off! Won by 16 odd points in her first fight and lost by 2 points in the final. Another nail biter!

Overall she did extremely well, great techniques and patience. Ella has been training hard in the lead up to prepare herself for competitions. She says it was great getting a match with a Galeb Team member from another academy. Alice from Helensvale came in hard and fast but Ella was able to take the match win using her experience.

For the final match she versed a very strong competitor, but Ella put up a good fight and it was won on points. Ella and her opponents all had fun and the atmosphere of the day was friendly and respectful. She left the day keen to compete in more events soon. It was a perfect comp to start getting back into these events.

The overall Galeb Brothers BJJ Team received

3 Gold

4 Silver

2 Bronze


Best Academy

6th of 27 teams

Overall Team

8th of 37 teams

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